Make it a memorable evening

Planning an unforgettable and stress free sangeet evening has never being easier.

It takes a moment to get started, completely free!

Who are we?

That's us, Hitesh & Priya, performing at my sister's sangeet.

What's the problem?

Our photo does not show the stress and confusion that we faced planning and conducting the sangeet.

Sangeet Sandhaya, Mehndi Evening, Ladies Sangeet; no matter what it's called, one thing is sure — a lot of stress and last moment hiccups.

  • co-ordinating with the different performers
  • finding good songs
  • planning the sequence to make a coherent theme
  • keeping track of the songs
  • preparing the anchoring script
  • etc…

These all add up and drain the enjoyment of organising and performing in the festivities.

The solution.

The tools we used while planning the sangeet and the ideas we had while doing so, led to the creation of Sangeet Planner.

Although it isn't yet what we dreamed of, we hope it will help others enjoy the sangeet instead of getting bogged down by it.

Tell us what you think.

We would be delighted to hear from you. So please try it out and send in the ideas, suggestions, feedback and bug reports to
hitesh or priya at

Find Songs

The best hindi song search engine to find the perfect song that suites your feelings and the occasion perfectly.


Plan the Sangeet with family and friends. Changes are immediately visible to everyone, no matter where they are.


With the planning complete, you will feel much more relaxed. All the songs are at your fingertips and the anchor's script is ready.